Tattoo FAQ 09: Can you tattoo over a scar?

Original question from our visitor:
I was thinking about getting a tattoo to cover up some scars of mine, but a friend told me that you can’t get a tattoo on a scar. Is that true?

No, its definitely not true that you can’t tattoo over a scar in most cases. HOWEVER…Here are some things to consider:

It will depend on what kind of scar you have, keloid, hypertrophic, contracture? Do you scar easily? Is your family prone to scarring easily? This is usually hereditary, and causes alot of grief for people, especially those who are genetically predispositioned to scarring because this makes them less than good candidates for tattooing.

Also, ink sometimes has trouble of staying put in/on a scar and may require a few sessions until the correct coverage is achieved. A good artist knows this already and will fit that into the price. If they dont mention it, dont sit in their chair until you are certain that this scar cover project is just that, an entire package or with set prices for future touch ups if and when needed.

Covering up birthmarks, or skin discolorations in general are quite common. Covering scars is also done quite a bit but dont trust this to a novice artist. Find someone who you can check his work on previous cover-ups and the lasting results do matter so try and see people well after they have had the work done to see how the ink set. Of course the people you look at should have had similar needs to yours in the type of scarring and area to be treated.

One of the best artists I know in the states is a guy called Rick Harnowski. He is what I would call an all around awesome, thorough, professional. He wont jack you around and he doesnt like to be jacked around. I trust him immensely with this sort of thing but he is located in Green Bay Wisconsin so that may be a bit out of your way.

And the final thing Id like to stress is getting a tattoo to cover up a scar seems a bit like a last resort especially if you have never had a tattoo before. Are you sure you really want a tattoo? What about a non-evasive approach like silicone sheeting for scar removal? I am also looking into a method called “dry tattooing” which is basically using a tattoo gun in a way to treat scars. I just began the research on this so I will post more information on that later but for now, just realize you have options for the scar besides a tattoo.

I love tattoo’s. I love the art totally and completely and I wish I had 3 bodies myself just to get more ink, so it stresses me out a bit to hear of the art being relegated to a last resort desperation. Id much rather you reply to someone when they make a comment on your new tattoo “I had to get this design because it spoke to me, and I love my artist and I cant wait for the next one!” as opposed to “oh…I had to… Its covers up a scar”….

Can you tattoo over a scar?

Picture from “Total Tattoo Book” by Amy Krakow (p.132), ISBN 0-446-67001-4
photo (c) 1993 Derdre Lamb Photography, Fort Bragg, CA

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Tattoo FAQ 11: Can I donate blood after getting a tattoo?

Original question from our site visitor: I needed to know if it holds true that once i get a tattoo i cant donate blood once more.


The brief response is: You can contribute blood in the majority of nations, however normally not right after getting a tattoo.

At this time I am not familiar with a country that refuses blood contributors with tattoos completely. Looking at the ever growing popularity of tattoos, organizations with such a severe policy may be up shit-creek anyway, considering that the number of potential benefactors will drop quickly.

The most usual timespan you will need to wait before contributing seems to be 6-12 months.
If you got any infection while getting a tattoo, blood banks figure you understand after that timespan. All donated blood is checked for infections anyway, however trust me that likewise non-profit organizations get a great deal of cash for your blood however they do not wish to “lose” money checking your blood if they think that there is a good opportunity of it being infected.

But under which rock did blood banks sleep when they think that a ‘tattoo’ automatically implies ‘infection’? I presume that this would be the next logical question to ask, and I cannot answer that. A lot of blood banks merely do not appear to have a current policy when it pertains to tattooed donors. In the old days there could have been a reason for a policy like this, but today tattooing has become a lot more regulated, cleaner and more expert entirely.

Personally I like both: Tattoos and contributing blood – and I do both. I usually do not contribute 4-6 month after getting ink, however this is my personal selection.
I might not be the textbook case anyway since my contributing blood is not mostly encouraged by the wish to help others, however by the knowledge that loosing some blood a couple of times a year benefits you and encourages your body to produce brand-new and new blood therefore cleaning the ol’ frame a little bit.

Bottom line is: there is no worldwide policy, so ask what your neighborhood antediluvian law says about waiting times …

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Tattoo FAQ 12: Will a tattoo on the foot fade faster than a tattoo somewhere else?

Original question from our visitor: I’m wondering if finding a tattoo on the top of the foot is “risky”. SOME artists have told me it will not hold up well– others stated they do lots & & they are fine– is it true that it will fade much faster– and if so, exactly how quickly ??– how long is it affordable to expect a tattoo to remain sharp (anywhere) relatively? Are we speaking 10 years on a thigh in contrast to 5 on a foot? I ‘d appreciate any assistance given that it might influence my final choice whether or not to get one… thanx


A foot tattoo much like a hand or face tattoo is something that you will first need to find the artist going to do it. There are occasionally legal limitations but more typically than not, more of a moral reason do not do it seems.

Morally, and I’m going simply on exactly what I have actually gathered from the artists I know, is that they feel a responsibility to the art and to the client. Having actually a tattoo done in a put on the body that is extremely noticeable, will influence the user for the rest of their life whether they recognize that or not from the get go. An artist understands this and will likewise possibly pick not to be the one who puts something on somebody who could not comprehend its ramifications for numerous individual reasons of the tattooist. This seems to especially real if it is the individuals really first tattoo. Lots of artists would rather you go on and “& ldquo; discover another person to do it” & rdquo; since then the responsibility is off of them as the artist who can later be accused of “& ldquo; ruining your life”& rdquo;. It still is bad for the art itself to have miserable tattooed individuals but an artist cant control that anyway. They simply suffer from it (my viewpoint).

For first timer’s, the healing process is something that nobody can excite the value of until you undergo it and if you have actually followed everything to the letter that your artist has informed you to do, it should come out just fine. In some cases, it’s not the best ending and touch ups or other techniques of corrective steps are needed. There are going to be simpler put on the body to heal up than others. The foot ranks to most as the worst healing location since you merely can NOT wear shoes or socks for minimum of 2 to 3 weeks, some state 3 months, to keep the location devoid of massaging, growing bacteria, or having the proper air flow. Sure you can get it in the summertime, however you likewise require to remain out of the sun and sand and dirt and basically should stay inside our home with it raised and clean. This is after all simply a “& ldquo; rather injury & rdquo; and you require to treat it as such.

We abuse our feet and hands daily with use. We can’t assistance it. This is going to review the ink undoubtedly. Even the best-placed tat with flawless lines will run the danger of using down and looking blurry later. In between this and ink migration, it’s a very non-desirable placement for numerous artists. This is their heart and soul and bread money. They know you are going to be the walking ad for their work. If it looks bad, they look bad. Simple as that. You as the wearer have even more control over the final product and exactly how it continues to be, and the artist may have to see that you already have a great deal of ink that you have actually had for years and understand exactly how to look after it correctly and comprehend the duty of healing it effectively.

Touch ups are not constantly part of the take care of these greater risk areas. Discover that out initially prior to difficult sensations happen later on. Some artists charge more for a foot tattoo than the exact same design being placed somewhere else.

So to sum this up for a foot tat:
1) You should ask the artist if they can and will do it initially.
2) Accept a long healing period with no shoes or socks to avoid infection and rubbing.
3) Even a recovered tattoo can be massaged the wrong means and lose color. Be aware of this in shoe and sock selections.
4) Touch ups will most likely expense you merely because this is a high-risk rub location.
5) Diabetics should inform their artist of their condition. There is a trouble with healing and there are rules/heavy suggestions in place that do not permit a diabetic to get tattooed below the knee.
6) Discomfort & hellip; This is a really uncomfortable area. Besides the mental facet of having a life-changing tattoo on a really show and tell, the pain in these areas is said to be the worst. Being experienced in getting tattooed is preferred.

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Tattoo FAQ 18: Can you cover up a black line with a lighter color?

Original question from our visitor:
I had a tattoo that failed on my forearm it was suggested to look like black lays out of flames however just looks naff. Is it possible to tattoo over black ink with colored ink? It’s faded a tiny little bit to a greyish/blue color were I tried having it eliminated with laser but that didn’t work.

It is hard to state without seeing the tattoo, however here are some general hints. Please mind that ONLY a professional tattooist will have the ability to make the call on this, and just deal with to deal with.

To start with: If the laser removal did not work correctly, opportunities are that the initial tattoo was done by someone who went in unfathomable. The ink of a tattoo is expected to be in the second layer of skin (the Dermis), which is covered by the transparent first layer (the Epidermis), so the ink really “shines with”.
The second layer is also where a laser removes the ink, however if the ink is in the third layer (the Hypodermis), a laser can’t reach without major damage.

If you had a tattoo that went into the Hypodermis and a laser removal was unsuccessful it is also likely that your 2nd layer of skin is too traumatized to be able to hold ink anymore, so even if the original was a light color, it might not be done.

In basic, if the original tattoo was done expert and the ink is where it is expected to be, it is possible to cover up a black line with a lighter color. Having said that: you will never have the ability to cover it entirely if you cover with a lighter color and it will always be noticeable as type of a shadow, however if you pick the right design for the cover up, the old lines can typically be included in the brand-new design so they are not drawing any attention as well as appear like they were supposed to be there. I have actually even seen cover-ups of some work with very big black locations and the black functioned as a shadow in the new (color) work. Below is an example (found this on

Another “basic truth” is that it is easier to cover if the old lines have faded currently over a couple of years.

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tattoo designstattoo designstattoo designstattoo designstattoo designs

Loads of flash sheets. Can not assist however think there are some I’ve seen before, nonetheless worth checking out likewise because the designs have a nice size. Minus-points for the advertisements and the truth that you cant search the page for designs, so bring time if you visit … Number of free designs:) 1500 General Rating: 11.3 Webdesign: 7 Quality: 8 Amount: 19

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A Kiss For a Tribal Rose Tattoo

The tribal flower tattoos have sub-categories within it and tribal increased tattoos are among the most popular.

The versatility of the tribal pattern has actually made it popular among tattoo lovers. It can be done as a standalone or as a background for another design. It can have edges or curves and still serve the same function. The color can differ as well. It can work well with a large range of multi-color designs and still manage to stick out. In fact, all popular tattoo designs always have a tribal pattern with them. Like tribal tiger tattoos, tribal cross tattoos and tribal flower tattoos.

Ancient mythology uses rose as a devotion to goddess of love. It is strange and sacred.

Nowadays, a rose tattoo is mainly commissioned to show commitment to a significant various other. It is typically considereded charming to have this inked on your skin. The function of choosing an increased tattoo sometimes borders on the poetic, due to the fact that a rose represents positive feelings and emotions.

The rose’s various colors suffice to draw adoration within tattoo loving community. The white rose, for circumstances, is connected with Marian commitment. Making a white rose the tattoo design of choice by the spiritual. Red rose is a best sign of romantic love and pale pink rose connotes gentleness and gratitude. Incorporating the colors also changes its importance. Incorporating white and yellow roses is a sign of harmony, while red and yellow roses symbolize happiness.

An increased tattoo is usually done as a single image. Nevertheless, it might be performed in numbers as well. The variety of roses and exactly how they are tattooed are likewise relevant. Two entwined roses stand for dedication. The number of roses a dad would have tattooed on him is sometimes based on the number of offspring he has.

Tribal rose tattoos are normally done at a smaller scale than the various other tribal designs, frequently, by ladies. It is frequently put on the wrist, ankle and bosom. There are men who pick this design as well, however still for reasons associating with ladies. They have it done on them to honor and pay tribute to the women of their lives.

Choosing a tribal increased tattoo is not as simple as one may think. Research should be done to make sure that exactly what you actually wish to communicate is what will be tattooed on you. Exactly what makes it much more complex is combining it with a tribal design. But the beauty of the tribal increased tattoos is on the simpleness of the rose and the intricacy of a tribal pattern. How the contrasting images make the art work is gorgeous to take a look at.

Tribal increased tattoos may just be a sub-category of tribal flower design, however its importance and visual purpose are similarly useful to the tattoo lovers. Extra study is required in capturing the specific concept you have in mind. Although a rose is typically a positive sign, you still would be good to have what you actually want eternally etched on your skin.

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Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

wedding ring <a href=' DESIGN' target='_blank'>tattoo</a> designs on Tattoo Ideas: Wedding Ring Finger <a href=' INK' target='_blank'>tattoos</a>

Tattoo Concepts: Wedding Ring Finger tattoos by s3.

Tattoo artists state clients have constantly requested wedding ring tattoos, but as tattoos have spread out into that customers get “friendship tattoos” with similar or comparable designs based on multicultural signs such as mandalas or traditional″>)Chopper Tattoo has actually lastly been released after much expectancy and is providing members everywhere access to hundreds of tattoo designs to assist them find the very best designs and artists for their tattoos. Unlike various other tattoo There are lots of different tattoo designs you can use as toe ring tattoos A lot of couples who have got wedding rings tattooed on their fingers in some cases regret their decision. This occurs when they are undergoing a separation. I can simply imagine when Emma Watson graces the cover of British GQ dressed as her bad lady character from her upcoming film “The Bling Ring,” which has the generally sweet star sporting a lot of fake tattoos. Watson, 22, puts on a skintight wedding dress made well-known by Julia Flickr individual Plan_9 desired both a Canon tattoo and a wristband tattoo, so he chose to obtain a Canon L Lens red ring around his wrist. The next action could be to consist of some aperture and focal length information on his knuckles. If you decide to get an including a noticeable tattoo, label or badge, that could be set to emit different vibration patterns– much like customized ringtones– to compare various callers, according to the report. Look into 2 possible designs (below).

Today we have a photo of Blake’s wedding ring. Thankfully the tattoo design Miranda asked for the ring have was the barbed wire and not the deer tracks Blake regrets getting. Johnathon Arndt, who produced both Blake and Miranda’s wedding rings But wear’t panic just yet, Robbie has a cunning strategy up his sleeve & hellip; He prepares to obtain a tattoo on his ring finger to change the real thing. On his blog site yesterday, Rob mulled over dark designs, saying he would get “& ldquo; possibly an A on the wedding ring Hoarder of Cherry ChapStick, yoga trousers, and stray animals. Consumes chocolate every day. However I understand a minimum of a few of you are super-into the concept of tattoo wedding rings, so I’d like to hear your arguments. (I trust you women over Tommy Lee any day!).

Another Photos of wedding ring tattoo designs

wedding ring tattoo designs on dragon tattoo designs|Exciting Tattoos

dragon tattoo designs|Exciting Tattoos by

wedding ring tattoo designs on Tattoos, Rate My Tattoo Designs: Wedding Ring Tattoos

Tattoos, Rate My Tattoo Designs: Wedding Ring Tattoos by 4.

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The Colors and Meanings of Rose Tattoo Designs

If you are considering getting a tattoo and you know you desire a rose of some kind in it, you should look into the numerous type of increased tattoo designs out there that offered for you to pick from. One thing you must keep, in mind while choosing the design you like the best is that roses teem with symbolism and they all indicate something different. Make certain you know the definition behind the rose you pick prior to you get it tattooed on your skin.

The duty that your choice of rose will have in the tattoo you want have to be figured out by the color of the rose. You would not want to send the incorrect definition with your tattoo. You can discover a lot about roses online and you may be surprised what you will find out. Make certain of the rose you are picking for your rose tattoo designs.

The color red stands for love in many things. The red rose is a substantial symbol of love that has actually been a part of lots of cultures all over the world. If you want to include a red rose in your tattoo, then you have to ensure it has an excellent reason to stand up for a love that you understanding of someone. You will be sending out that message out about that individual each time somebody sees your ink.

The color yellow has actually had various definitions over the previous years when it comes to roses. In the past, the far past, yellow in a rose actually meant jealousy and indicate spirited feelings. Luckily, today the gorgeous yellow rose signifies a close and endearing friendship. If you have a tattoo design in mind that includes a yellow rose, you need to make certain to incorporate its meaning into that tattoo too.

Pink roses are a few of the most delicate in the way that they look. This could be the reason that pink was picked as a sign of feminism. If you would such as to have a pink rose in your tattoo, then you will need to ensure it suits the design you have actually chosen. Lots of people may not be mindful of the significance of the rose color in their tattoo.

Keep an eye out for those lavender and lilac roses if you see them in a tattoo. This color symbolizes enchantment and also sends the message of tread carefully. If you are a kind of a loner, this color of increased might be the best one for your tattoo.

The phase of growing that your rose is in likewise suggests a lot in the message it sends out. If you have an open rose in complete bloom, it is stating thank you with much appreciation. The smallest of rosebuds in rose tattoo designs indicates that the user is young and still in the starts of checking out the world.

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Wolf Tattoo Designs

wolf tattoo designs on Wolf Tattoo 10 - <a href=' INK' target='_blank'>tattoos</a> for men - Tattoo Designs and Ideas|<a href=' INK' target='_blank'>tattoos</a> ...

Wolf Tattoo 10 – Tattoos for men – Tattoo Designs and Ideas|Tattoos by tattoosformen. co.

Watch a sneak peek of the season 3 premiere episode of Teenager Wolf Period 3 Episode 1 “& ldquo; Tattoo & rdquo; which airs Monday, June 3 at 10/9C on MTV. Official Summary: “& ldquo; Teenager Wolf & rdquo; is a sexy, suspenseful drama about change set against the backdrop of And her brother likewise got himself a tatt while he was there – apparently a similar design of 2 Indian about wolves and we created the wolf and feathers together for his shin. He’s got all types of odd tattoos on him.” But although we’re all pretty “Golden” fans have actually constantly wished to sink their teeth into the cast– and now they have the possibility to leave their mark. “New Moon” star Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) and the stars of the wolf pack are considering getting tattoos, and Spencer states fans can The number of celebrities sporting tattoos is stated to have enhanced the trend in body art, with Cheryl Cole’s derriere design being simply one of many from stars who opt to decorate themselves. A couple of days ago, David Beckham disrobed to his swimming Tattoo specialists state they’re seeing a slight increase in middle-aged customers coming into their look for tattoos do not realize that there are wonderful tales behind people’s tattoos,” Huff/Post50 reader Sandy Scott filled in an email The vocalist struck up tattoo palor Black Banditz in Melrose, L.a to obtain inked up last evening. Peter Koskela (aka PeterTattooist), who created the new art work, informed TMZ the design is referred to as “an indian chief transforming into a wolf.” Its’& rsquo;

s hard. This also leaves marks that do not completely go away. The good option to preventing this scenario is to ensure that when you get a tattoo, you make sure that you want it forever. Carlos Wolf, M.D., is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who sees The only tattoo I have, I got back at home [in Estonia], and there’s a tale behind it also. It s a photo of a wolf, and the reason for that is my surname in Estonian literally means “& ldquo; wolf. & rdquo; So I was working with it for 6 years on Anyways, Brown has actually dealt with a great deal of adversaries over the course of his occupation, and since the lion signifies wonderful strength, we certainly get why the ‘Fine China vocalist was drawn in to this design. Successive is Adam Levine, who has actually had a tiger tattoo on.

An additional Images of wolf tattoo designs

wolf tattoo designs on Wolf Tattoo|Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf Tattoo|Wolf Tattoo Designs by

wolf tattoo designs on Wolf Head Tattoos Designs

Wolf Head Tattoos Designs by

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Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs – The Next Most Favored Tattoo in Both Men and Women

A bunch of people stare at tattoos as a method to reveal off, become rugged, or just make a statement. Many of them are attempting to reveal their feelings, way of life, or past. Over the years, tattoos have actually advanced into lots of unique designs, and they continue to grow and to satisfy the person getting the tattoo. Before getting a tattoo constantly do your research to discover the tattoo that you desire. If you like long thick symmetrical designs, tribal tattoos are ideal for you.

Tribal tattoo designs are very comprehensive and can look very excellent on anybody, makings it a terrific tattoo to have. Hundreds of years back, these tattoos were used by members of antediluvian tribes for identifying the members of their clan. Some of the tribes thought that tribal tattoos had religious or spiritual connotations. If you have a disposition towards notions such as life and death, you might find lots of such tattoo designs in the tribal tattoo art. Well, if you have a pessimism, or you are obsessed with the concept of fatality, you will certainly like tribal skull tattoos. These tattoos are extremely enticing. If you are spell-bound by tribal head tattoos, it’s time to find out more about tribal head tattoo symbolization.

Tribal Skull Tattoos: Significance

When intending on getting a tribal head tattoo design, you need to initially comprehend exactly what it stands for. The definition of the tattoo have to be in conformity with your means of thinking or your feelings. Normally skull tattoos mean fatality or connect to the dead. However there can be other definitions as well. The conception of fatality is very complexed in itself. It can be associated with the spirituality world likewise. It can mean the change from life to the after world.

It can likewise be utilized to teach individuals not to be afraid of fatality since it comes naturally. Fatality is not the only definition. Tribal head designs can also be connected with harmful activities, the excitement for experience, and so on. It can likewise be inked as a means to show others your wild and insane side. Many men use it as an indicator of masculinity or to scare others. One method that women reveal that they too can be courageous is to get a tattoo of a skull.

Tribal Head Tattoo Designs

As is the case with any tattoo, the tribal skull tattoo designs depend upon your creativity and imagination. The thick line of tribal tattoos helps considerably in producing the design of the tribal skull design. You can get this tattoo anywhere. But the most outstanding place is on an individual’s arm, shoulder, and their back. The head and crossbones tattoo is among the typical head tattoo designs. You can likewise inform the tattoo artist to make an evil head drawing with a banner on the skull that holds your name. There are actually unlimited possibilities of skull designs to make.

You can likewise include other design elements such as flames. Flames can be drawn around the head. Lots of tribal skulls are just plain black and white however if you include color to yours that makes it more individual. Thick, dark-colored strokes around the head appearance wonderful. The majority of ladies make a skull tattoo more womanly by including color even flowers, especially roses. If you desire a scary or evil-looking head tattoo, you can include horns to the head or reveal a snake rolled around the head. If you desire something comprehensive, you could get the pale horse skeleton skull tattoo. An additional interesting recommendation would be to obtain merely a part of skull tattooed and display flames all around it. You can likewise make two swords beneath the skull. A lot can be done to make the head appearance scary. You can darken the eye sockets. You can likewise use skull design as a piece of a bigger tattoo.

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